Marketing Insight Portal (MIP)

Automotive Client Australia

Project Synopsis

Empowering a data-driven culture in marketing offering long-term data consultancy by converting data OPEX to asset.

About this Project

This Australian Automotive Company wanted to decommission an existing marketing portal built by one of its marketing agencies. Instead, the desire was to create a fully automated data solution using brand comparison, digital channels, and sales metrics. This solution would allow analysts, SMEs, marketing agency partners, and executives to compare their car brands with like affiliated brands across crucial marketing benchmarks. The solution’s key value was to retain the clients’ IP by collecting and conforming third-party data with internal data and enabling various users to explore via a dashboard.

Project Synopsis

About the client

This client markets automotive car products and manages advertising and business operations in Australia. The client is also responsible for a car luxury brand vehicles in Australia. The company is currently focused on vehicles powered by a range of alternative fuels and vehicles with potential for automated driving, whilst continuing to ensure that customers drive vehicles that are safe, durable, and reliable that people expect from their brand.

Business Challenge

This data-driven culture helps identify the reach of their brand and better understand their target audience to help deliver a desirable tailored customer product. However, this can lead to enormous expenditures; reducing operational marketing spending was a key focus – data is an organisation’s asset, and this knowledge mustn’t be lost.    


Our mission was to help the team deliver the client’s vision for easy to use and consolidated self-service marketing analytics tool. The solution required incorporating internal and third-party data to create a cohesive tool that would enable users with various levels of data literacy. The team’s challenge was consolidating data from 21 sources, which summed up to 160 metrics.     

Our team worked closely with the marketing insights team to capture their requirements and define a blueprint for actionable project deliverables; we involved them in the end-to-end journey of developing this solution.  Ensuring the solution was bespoke to their needs.

Outcomes / Benefits

  • Reduced time and effort required to acquire and analyse data.
  • Retained the organisation’s IP.
  • Enabled the business to query data across various subject areas using one dashboard.
  • Fully automated solution cost-effective, minimised by 70% per annum.

More information on the Business Challenge

Reducing reliance on externals: Our client’s marketing insights division partnered with one of its agencies, providing a marketing insight portal via a web-based application. Users could compare brand perception, image, and other marketing and sales-related metrics. The data supporting this tool was supplied by various marketing agencies, which were collated and transformed via the agency. The data transformation was manual, as the data was derived from reports.

Easy to use, users could self-service and extract data directly using the portal. However, this was limited to specific attributes made available in the tool. In addition, users were required to extract data and create charts in an excel file to support their hypothesis and analysis.

Another critical issue highlighted is that the client has various reports/data related to quantitative and qualitative research, which are supplied via their numerous marketing vendors and need to be stored internally. This resulted in a lack of availability and transparency for raw data for the internal marketing team and their supporting agencies, as it was critical to share historical research data.  

In addition, the client’s marketing team wanted to update the solution with new metrics from other agencies and newly developed digital channels. 


Data Consultancy and solution design
Data Engineering Reporting





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