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let's synogize.

Build your organisation of tomorrow, close the gap between data, people and process. Empower your organisation to move forward with Data and Analytics


who we are

synogize is the blending of two words, syno: synergy, like-minded, and bring together; gize: the driving force of passion and energy. This is the ethos in which synogize represents.

Founded by like-minded individuals who met while working together at one of Australia leading Data and Analytics consultancy, we believe that passion in what we do is the underlying factor in providing an exceptional experience, value, and allow us to bridge the gap between people & technologies.



let’s synogize your data. Whether your data is coming from cloud application, on-prem application, data platform or as simple as excel spreadsheet. synogize can help you with the following:

  • Data deep dives to understand your current data assets, in order to discover insights or what is required to reach your ultimate outcomes.

  • Enrich and unify your data assets to produce meaningful insights.

  • Automate your data pipeline through batch or real-time from the source into an unify data warehouse/platform cloud or on-prem location.

  • Data governance to ensure your data is well protected and adheres to policies as well as legislation.

what we do

We focus on what’s important to you and tackle this in a practical way to deliver you the most value. More importantly, we make it our mission to synogize together as one team to make your outcomes a triumph for all of us.

Size does not matter, whether you’re looking for one or many professionals to help with long term gig, or achieve shorter tactical wins, we’ll help you get it done.

Build tomorrow, start transforming your business today with data and analytics through synogize.


let's synogize your business. Whether you are a small to a large team in a start-up, small-medium business or enterprise organisation, the ability to become more competitive, understand your customer and grow is dependent on how you leverage the usage of your datasynogize can help you answer the hard questions through analytics, gain valuable insights for effective decision making. This can include helping you:

  • Understand your product whether you are a start-up, SMB or enterprise running a software as a service or traditional service.

  • Understand your customer & market to increase your market share, retain loyalty & gain new customer, But more importantly, take your business to a new level through analytics.

  • Conduct research and experimentation, allowing you to innovate and continuously improve. Methods such as a/b testing mean you never stop learning and gain the change for your business to truly evolve.

  • Understand your financial to enable areas of growth, reduce cost and invest in areas where your business needs it most.

operational & planning excellence.

Do more, synogize your data and business process. synogize can provide you with enhanced insights to run your business effectively and efficiently. Driving operational excellence, we want to give your business a competitive advantage.

Let us optimise and automate your business whether it is a supply chain, financial or back-office processes.

  • Synthesizing data to develop key insights.

  • Empowering organisation improving data-driven decision-making capabilities instead of intuition through continuous business process improvement.

  • Connecting business through technology adoption and driving success.

  • Real-time performance tracking with complete visibility across your business.

  • Automate and streamline your BAU processes by removing mundane/MUDA and time consuming-work.

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